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Lolibooru - Delicious cake! Extended rules and FAQ

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 17, 2011, 6:58 PM
Welcome to Lolibooru!
We are a group to share and talk about general lolicon and shotacon art as well as promote artists who create and/or have an interest in lolicon/shotacon.
This group refers to lolicon/shotacon as a japanese style and art described by youth and innocence. We love moe!

Rules and FAQ - Read this!
:pointr:How do I join?
Simply click the "Join group" button above.
Membership is free and instant.

:pointr:May I submit my work to the group?
Of course, it's encouraged!
:bulletgreen:Members may submit 2 deviations per week and 5 favorites per day.
Submissions to the gallery must be approved by an admin.

:pointr:What is the proper criteria to the art we submit?
:bulletred:Your image must contain at least one loli character or one shota character.
:bulletred:Images that are not loli/shota enough will be removed.
:bulletred:Do not submit incomplete work/sketches.
:bulletred:If you have multiple versions of a single image, please only submit one version.
:bulletred:Do not submit photographs or literature.
:bulletred:Make sure your image does not violate the sites TOS. Any image violating the TOS will be reported ASAP. This is not a hentai club or a fetish club!

You may submit work to either of the two loli folders or the shota folder, depending the contents of  your work. If your work contains both loli and shota, submit it to the folder that you feel that it belongs to more.

:pointr:I found an image in the Lolibooru gallery that breaks a rule! What do I do?
First, if it break's the sites TOS, then you may report it to dA. Then post in this blog which image it is, and which folder and page number you found it on, and I'll remove it from the group. Thanks for the concern! <3

:pointr:What are some types of art that will be rejected?
Art not allowed in the group includes but is not limited to; photography, literature, sketches, works in progress, doodles, lineart, most 3D rendered art, art mainly featuring big breasts, adoptables, commission adverts/any kind of 'advertising' picture, art that is overly erotic/contains untasteful nudity, small pixel art/avatars, most types of comic pages, and traditional art that has been poorly digitized.

Lolibooru has an above average minimum standard of quality for the submissions we accept. Please do not let this demotivate you; this should not affect most submissions. A very large portion of our watcherbase depends on Lolibooru to submit high quality, fully complete works of art on a regular basis, and we pride ourselves in being part of the minority that does not accept every single submission thrown at us.

:pointr:How do I submit work or suggest a favorite to the group?
Go to the group and click your name under the groups icon to submit a deviation or suggest a favorite. Alternatively, you can go to the groups gallery and click "Submit to this gallery" or the little + buttons next to each folder.

:pointr:How do I remove my work from the group?
Click "edit deviation" and there should be an option to remove it from any groups it may be in.

:pointr:Do I have to draw loli/shota to join the group?
Of course not! Lolibooru is all about sharing and appreciating loli/shota art. If you don't draw it yourself, you can still join to see the art, submit favorites you come across, and of course, become part of the community.

:pointr:Why was my comment removed from the groups front page?
We encourage full use of the groups comments, however, troll comments and comments that should be sent as a note instead will be hidden. This is to keep the comments relatively clean and free for people to use the system as intended.

:pointr:Who is that girl in the groups avatar?
That is the groups unnamed mascot. Her creator is kurasuke and you can find the original image here. Feel free to do some fanart of her! Fanart of her will be featured in a special gallery in the group!

Please submit fanart of the groups mascot to the featured folder. An admin will copy it to the mascot folder as well as the loli folder (or shota folder, if you wish to make her a boy, which you can!)

:pointr:Is Lolibooru ran by the people who own the website with the same name?
No, Lolibooru is not affiliated in any way with that website. We just really liked the name.

:pointr:What does cake have anything to do with lolis?
Oh, um, uhh... Nothing. We just really like cake. "Delicious cake" is just our catchphrase, really!

:pointr:How can I help support Lolibooru?
Donating points is one of the best ways to support the group. You can click here to donate. Make sure you mention Lolibooru when you donate so I know to put your icon in the donors box! Even one point helps! All donations go to our goal of upgrading to a super group, and to prizes for future contests.

You can also help support the group by making a journal about Lolibooru. If you do, leave a comment below with a link to your journal and I'll add you to the promoters box!

Want to help support somewhere else on dA? Copy and paste this!
:groups: <a href=""><b>#Lolibooru</b></a> - Delicious cake!

:pointr:I own a group. Can we become affiliates?
Feel free to send an affiliate request, but first make sure your group is active, has at least 100 members, and is somehow relevant to Lolibooru. (Cuteness, moe, chibi, anime, etc.)

:pointr: What is a contributor and how do I become one?
Contributors are a special class within the group. They are allowed to submit 3 deviations per day and get a special lolibooru tag on their page. To become a contributor you must be an active loli/shota artist and your work must be high enough quality as deemed by an admin. If you'd like to apply for contributor please send a note here.

:pointr:My submission was rejected. What do I do?
If you work was rejected by an admin, then it most likely was in violation of one of our rules. If you feel that it was rejected in mistake, feel free to resubmit it.

:pointr:My submission expired. What do I do?
There are three reasons why a submission could expire. 1) It was accidently closed out by an admin. 2) It broke a rule and an admin closed it instead of rejecting it. 3) For some reason an admin never got a chance to look at the submission.
First, check to see if your work violates any of our rules. If you feel that it should be resubmitted, then please do so.

:pointr:How are the monthly features chosen?
The features are either chosen by the admins or suggested by another member. To be featured in the monthly blog, a submission must be in the Lolibooru gallery, submitted after last months blog (on the 15th), and the artist must be a member of the group.

:pointr:How many submissions are accepted into the group per day?
We try to accept only around 6 submissions per day. This is to be sure that every submission to the group gets the attention it deserves, and so that our users inboxes aren't constant flooded by submissions.

:pointr:Are furries/anthros allowed to be submitted to the group?
Yes, as long as the character in question doesn't break any of the other rules, and it's a humanoid furry, then there's no problem.

:pointr:Who's in charge here!?
I, TheEmerald, am. I run almost the entire group, and love every minute of it. You guys rock!
Feel free to note me, or add me on your messengers, or whatever. I'm always up for a chat~ <3
Clue000 is our lovely community manager, and handles most of the contest stuff!

:pointr:I have a question that isn't answered here...
Please, don't hesitate to ask! You can post your question in the comments of this blog or note me here.

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MenollySagittaria Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
LOL, I find it hilarious that your group's "catchphrase" involves cake, 'cause Asexuality's catchphrase is "Cake is better than sex." :XD::XD::XD: I think that would fit quite nicely with your theme. :P
DaffAngel Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
SCIFIJACKRABBIT Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2011  Student Artist
Are furries / Anthros aloud? :I

~ JaQ
TheEmerald Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, they are. :meow:
Thanks for asking~
parashep Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2011
If we ever his the limit I believe you can always make a 2nd gallery folder, though that's not very convenient.
D-idara Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Mmm...does the delicious cake have anything to do with Kano-Kon?
TheEmerald Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha, nope :P
Auggiekins Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2011   Digital Artist
Made a fast journal!
But, it showcases another loli group as well.
But that group it a bit different from lolibooru.
I hope that is okay. ;A;
Jumacano Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2011
that´s good for me!
boboverlord18 Featured By Owner May 4, 2010
enjoy loli!
Moorina Featured By Owner May 4, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
we can't join? :(
RollingSwitch Featured By Owner May 4, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
probably got to get it set up and stuff
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